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Nature, Gratitude, Mindset - Bees Activity Pack (Ages 4+)

Nature, Gratitude, Mindset - Bees Activity Pack (Ages 4+)

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For Happy, Calm & Curious Kids - 2+ hours of fun activities, 20+ pages, a wonderful way to connect with children.

Our Bees Activity Pack is a collection of printable activities, worksheets, cut-outs, and coloring pages designed to help kids learn mindfulness, gratitude and have a positive mindset! 

The Activity Packs Encourage Kids to:

  • Learn about the natural world
  • Practice mindful awareness
  • Cultivate a positive mindset

Have fun and learn about the joy and wonder of bees.

This is a digital PDF. You will receive it right away!

How do your printables teach mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on being present in the moment. Our printables inspire families to be present in nature. The benefits of this include happier, calm and less anxious kids.

How do your printables help with kids anxiety and stress?

Anxiety and stress disorders have never been higher for children. Our printables are designed to soothe anxiety and lower stress while inspiring curiosity in nature.

Are there any benefits to the parents?

Our printables help you connect with your children by inviting you to slow down, read and be inspired to go outside and explore nature together.

What age range is the Gumboot Kids appropriate for?

The printables are recommended for children ages 3 to 103. Our goal is to reconnect families with nature and inspire a love of learning, whatever your age.

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The Gumboot Kids was developed with Dr. Molly Lawlor, an expert in child and adolescent social and emotional development.

Gumboot Kids Goals

Teach science and nature facts and vocabulary to children in a fun way

Inspires children to go outside and explore nature

Develop problem solving skills

An introduction to the practice of mindfulness

Happier, calmer & less anxious children

Social-emotional learning for children

"Try this serene but engaging show for kids. It's all very charming and calm and aspirational."

Margaret Lyons

  • Watch Videos

    Families watch Gumboot Kids to learn more about nature and practicing mindfullness.

  • Learn with Printables

    Have hands on fun with activities and learning with the Gumboot Kids Nature Activity Packs.

  • Go into Nature

    Scout & Daisy inspire families to head outside, make nature-inspired crafts and develop a connection to the natural world.

  • Less Anxious

    By practicing mindfulness and connecting with
    nature, children will be calmer, happier, healthier and less anxious.

What do kids learn with Gumboot Kids?

Gumboot Kids printables not only teach children about nature, but also help them to practice mindfulness, reducing anxiety and helping create a calm mind through the power of nature. Perfect for kids 3-10+, each book contains:

🌼 Going into nature: Each printable pack contains inspiration for kids to go outside into nature and explore the world around them.

🌼 Nature Facts: Each printable pack provides fun facts, science and nature vocabulary.

🌼 Nature Crafts: Each printable pack has instructions for a nature-inspired craft.

🌼 Mindfulness: Each printable pack guides children through a mindful moment.

🌼 Doctor Certified: The Gumboot Kids was developed with Dr. Molly Lawlor, an expert in child
and adolescent social and emotional development.

🌼 Reduces Anxiety: Nature has shown to reduce anxiety in kids and adults.

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    “The activity pack was simple to download, and printed perfectly.”
    -Julie Tyas, Entrepreneur 

    ” Great educational activity for my daughter.”
    -Catherine, Mother

    “Imagine putting your kids in front of a screen and knowing they’ll be better off for it. This is Gumboot Kids.”
    -Tracey Mack, Father

    “This activity pack is great for kids!! They have many different topics, this one is about Whales which I love.”
    - Abigail Ali, Mother

    “It was so cool going through this activity pack with my niece, and I can't wait for the summertime so we can go to the lavender fields together.”
    -Samantha Singh, Teacher

    “This activity pack by far exceeded my expectations!” 
    -Mason Park, Father

    “I loved learning about ducks and the fun nature activities this pack provides for my niece and I to do together. Excellent!”
    -Amellia Patel, Educator

    "My 3  year old really likes this show. I really like the fact that there is a mindfulness moment in every episode.” 
    -Jessica C., Mom, USA 

    Scout & The Gumboot Kidsis a fun and gentle program that offers lots of great lessons about nature, and about living in the moment."
    -Common Sense Media, USA 

    “Imagine putting your kids in front of a screen and knowing they’ll be better off for it. This is Gumboot Kids.”
    -Pete M, Dad Vancouver, BC 5/5

    “It’s tender, wise, beautiful content that makes the world a better place.”
    - Samantha R., Mom Vancouver, BC

    “We love these Scout and Daisy stuffies! So sweet!
    -Kendal K., Mom Montecito, CA 

    “Loving the Gumboot Kids!” 
    -Joanne D., Quebec City, QC 

    “We love the Gumboot Kids.”
    -Amy C., Combox, BC 

    “It’s definitely the best programming out there!”
    -Denie L., Mom, Victoria, BC 

    “We love the Gumboot Kids in our home!”
    -Blessy, Mom 

    “The cutest ever…”

    “We love watching! Scout and Daisy are a big hit in our house.”
    -ahardylife, Canada 

    “We love Gumboot Kids in our family”
    -Laura C, Canada 

    “I love Scout and Daisy and so do my kids!”
    -Abigail F., Canada 

    “We love Scout, Daisy and the Gumboot Kids!”
    -Natalie G. 

    “Always love giving these books as presents to my daughter’s friends. It’s like getting a warm hug when you read.” 
    -Carly D., Mom, Canada 

    “We love Scout and Daisy.” 
    -Sophie L., Mom 

    “Daisy & Scout are just adorable!”
    -Sarah P., Mom 

    “Gumboot Kids is a staple in our house!”
    -Imindrum, Mom 

    “My kids and I are big fans of the show!” 
    -Lily, Mom Edmonton, AB 

    “My daughter is a long time fan.” 5/5 Anne L., Mom, Canada “So much cuteness”

    “My son loves this show!” 
    -Dessie J, Mom 

    “We love the Gumboot Kids!”
    -Jenny booksandbuds 

    “We love this show!”
    -Joa, Mom

    “Daughters love watching!”
    -Megan N., Mom Vancouver, BC 

    “My son and I love Scout and Daisy and all the books!”
    -Michelle, Mom 

    “Watching Gumboot Kids helped us get through the lockdown, my kid liked Daisy.” 
    -Dan C., Dad 

    “I absolutely love the show.”
    -Charmain B., Mom 

    “Delightful books. Makes the reader want to jump into every page! Tea, sweaters and science.”
    -Our Wee Book Club 

    “This books are wonderful!! The pictures are very engaging since it’s so life-like, it’s educational and exciting. What’s more, they have activities at the end of the story as well as a mindful moment. These books have it all!
    The Butler Family, USA 

    “It’s no wonder this series has come to mean so much to so many. Scout and Daisy are easy to like.” 
    -Dana Gee, Vancouver Sun 

    “Young readers will love this book and delight in exploring along with these sweet mice.”
    -The Case of the Wooden Timekeeper, Green Teacher, Veronica Uzielli, Ontario 

    “My kids love this show.”5/5 Missie D.“Love this show, the characters, story lines and wonderful music/songs. Good job everyone!!!
    -Sarah N.J. 

    “My family took one of your books out at the library and I loved the story and images so I looked into you more, which is how I found your show. It’s fantastic! Exactly the type of content I want to show my family.”
    -Rebecca A., Mom 

    “Such a great show.”
    -Bethany C, Prince Edward Island 

    "You can’t go wrong with this book. It’s educational, mindful, interactive with activities, and it’s exciting.
    -The Case of the Story Rock, Butler, USA 

    “Vanishing Caterpillar is an interesting and educational book. Still photography and a wonderful story are a great combination.”
    -Barbara, Canada 

    “These books are wonderful. Can almost feel the textures of the clothing. Great stories.” 
    -Lesley K, Canada 

    “this book along with the rest in the collection are informative as well as a cute story and adorable mice.”
    -The Case of the Shrinking Friend, Gifting Gran, USA 

    “Perfect! Perfect! We have so much love for this book in our home. The series is amazing. Love the mindful moments and the field notes. Super fun. Great conversation starter for children.”
    -N. Rosenberg, Canada 

    “Bought this for my Granddaughters. They love it. The whole series is excellent"
    -The Case of the Vanishing Caterpillar,  Gadget Girl, Canada 

    “What a delightful little book series!”
    -Canadian Picture Book Blog 

    “Bees are usually something scary to most children. They have a bad reputation to sting people, after all. This cute story will teach you and your little one that there is more to a bee than meets the eye!”
    -The Case of the Buzzing Honeymakers, Alyssa,  Ottawa Mommy Club