Gumboot Kids is family brand designed to foster a love of nature. We believe children who develop a connection with nature will grow up to be happier, healthier and better stewards of the planet.  

It all started when the Gumboot Kids' creators – husband and wife filmmakers Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford ( – set out to make the kind of TV show they'd want their children to watch.

They channeled the joy, wonder and curiosity the experienced together with their kids outside in nature and dreamed up Gumboot Kids. The series was soon picked up by CBC Kids in Canada and quickly began garnering critical acclaim. Today the series is seen all around the world on broadcast networks, digital streaming services and now on YouTube.  

The Gumboot Kids brand has extensions into television, music, storybooks, activity kits, and live events.  

"The Gumboot Kids is an excellent teaching tool for families, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors connecting with nature."

-Ian Hanington, Senior Editor David Suzuki Foundation

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