10 Nature Activities to Do At the Pool

  1. Pool Olympics: Create your own Olympic events in the pool, like underwater somersaults or synchronized cannonballs. Bonus points if you award the winners with inflatable gold medals.

  2. Pool Scavenger Hunt: Toss some pool toys and water-friendly items into the pool and challenge your family to find them all. Who knows, you might even find a lost mermaid tail.

  3. Pool Volleyball: Play a game of pool volleyball with your family and friends. Just make sure to yell "Shark!" every time someone misses the ball.

  4. Floatie Race: Have a race on pool floaties and see who can make it to the other end of the pool first. Just make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the floatie at all times.

  5. Pool Yoga: Challenge your family to a pool yoga session. Just make sure to use waterproof sunscreen or you might end up with a sunburn in some awkward places.

  6. Pool Art: Use washable paint to create a masterpiece on the bottom of the pool. Just make sure to wait until the pool is empty before you show off your work of art.

  7. Pool Karaoke: Turn up the music and have a karaoke session in the pool. Just be prepared for some interesting acoustics and waterlogged microphones.

  8. Pool Basketball: Play a game of pool basketball and see who can make the most shots. Just make sure to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions when jumping for the ball.

  9. Pool Noodle Jousting: Use pool noodles as swords and joust your family and friends. Just make sure to wear a swimsuit that won't fall off during battle.

  10. Poolside Snacks: Set up a poolside snack station and enjoy some refreshing treats like watermelon slices or popsicles. Just make sure to avoid getting any crumbs or sticky fingers in the pool.

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