10 Nature Activities To Do At A Farm

  1. Chicken Chasing: See who can catch a chicken first! Just kidding, please don't chase the chickens, they need their exercise too.

  2. Piggyback Rides: Not on the pigs, but on each other! Have a piggyback race through the fields and see who can make it to the end first.

  3. Corn Maze Dilemma: Get lost in the corn maze and see who can find their way out first. Just remember to bring some snacks and water, it might take a while.

  4. Moo-sical Chairs: Play a game of musical chairs with bales of hay instead of chairs. Watch out for the cows, they might try to join in!

  5. Cow Milking Challenge: Try your hand at milking a cow. It's not as easy as it looks, so don't be surprised if you end up with more milk on your clothes than in the bucket.

  6. Tractor Race: Have a friendly competition to see who can drive the tractor through the obstacle course the fastest. Don't forget to honk the horn for extra fun.

  7. Egg Toss: Play a game of egg toss with the farm-fresh eggs. Just be careful not to drop them, or you might have a slippery situation on your hands.

  8. Scarecrow Dress-Up: Make your own scarecrow and give it a fun outfit. Who says scarecrows can't be fashionable?

  9. Hay Bale Hide-and-Seek: Play hide-and-seek in the hay bales. It's like a giant game of haystack tag!

  10. Dairy Farm Dance Party: Put on some music and have a dance party in the dairy barn. The cows might not appreciate the music, but they'll love the company.

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