10 Nature Activities To Do At Your Cottage

🌳 Nature Scavenger Hunt:
Send your little adventurers on a mission to find hidden treasures in the great outdoors, like a feather or a unique rock.

🐛 Bug Catching:
Encourage your kids to catch and observe creepy crawlies like grasshoppers or caterpillars. Just don't let them bring any stinky bugs into the cottage!

🎨 Outdoor Painting:
Let your children get creative with outdoor painting using natural objects like leaves or sticks as their canvas.

🍔 Outdoor Cooking:
Get your kids involved in the kitchen by having them help prepare and cook meals outdoors, like hot dogs on the campfire or a barbecue.

📖 Storytelling:
Get cozy by the fire and let your children unleash their imagination by telling stories of their own creation.

⚽ Outdoor Sports:
Play a game of catch or kick a ball around to get your kids moving and enjoying the fresh air.

🌟 Star Gazing:
Spend an evening under the stars with your little ones, pointing out constellations and making wishes on shooting stars.

📷 Nature Photography:
Let your kids capture the beauty of the outdoors through their camera lens, encouraging them to find interesting and unique perspectives.

👻 Scarecrow Building:
Put your kids' creativity to work by building a scarecrow for the garden or nearby field. Who knows, maybe it will keep those pesky crows away!

🐾 Wildlife Watching:
Take a hike or sit quietly in nature to spot local wildlife, and have your kids practice their best animal sounds and calls. Just don't be surprised if they start chasing after the animals like little Tarzans!

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