10 Nature Activities to Do At A Lake


🐸 Frog Hunting:

Nothing gets a child more excited than the prospect of catching a slimy, jumpy frog. Just make sure you release them back into the pond after your hunt!

🔍 Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Turn your lake or pond outing into a scavenger hunt by creating a list of items for the kids to find, like a smooth rock or a feather.

🚣 Boat Racing:

Get competitive with some boat races! You can make boats out of anything from sticks to leaves and see who comes out on top.

🦆 Duck Watching:

Ducks are hilarious creatures that will entertain your kids for hours with their quacks and waddles. Just don't get too close or they might start chasing you!

🧺 Picnic Time:

Take advantage of the beautiful scenery by having a picnic on the lake or pond's shore. Don't forget the snacks and bug spray!

🏰 Sandcastle Building:

If the lake or pond has a sandy beach, let the kids get creative with sandcastle building. Who knows, they might just create the next sandcastle masterpiece!

🎨 Nature Art:

Gather up some rocks, leaves, and other natural items to create beautiful nature art. Just make sure to leave everything as you found it!

🤿 Underwater Exploration:

If the water is clear enough, bring some goggles and let the kids explore what's under the water's surface. Who knows what kind of creatures they'll discover!

📷 Nature Photography:

Hand your kids a camera or phone and let them go wild capturing the beauty of the lake or pond. Just make sure to review their photos before they post them online!

🧘 Yoga by the Lake:

Get in touch with your inner zen and do some yoga by the lake or pond. Just don't be surprised if your child decides to do a handstand in the middle of your peaceful practice!


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