Do you have a favourite place to spend time in nature? Have you noticed how it changes each year? A nature walk is a wonderful way to experience how the world around us changes over time. Next time you are walking in the woods, take a moment to look around you. What can you observe that is older than you are? What can you see that is younger? 

Watch The Case of the Wooden Timekeepers below and join Scout and the Gumboot Kids as they learn how the forest marks the passing of time.

If you are in Australia click here to watch Scout & The Gumboot Kids. If you are in the United States, check us out on curiousworld.com  or kidstream.tv on Xfinity or Amazon.  In South Korea you can watch it on jeitv.com.  Kids from around the world click here to listen to Jessie Farrell’s songs.  

Every tree is part of my family.
Every tree tells me a story.
Every tree I see teaches me.
From the roots 
to the trunk
to the bark
to the branch
to the twig
to the leaves
to the top of the tree.

— by Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell’s songs here . 

Let’s take a moment to be grateful for all the wonderful people and experiences in our lives. CLICK HERE for a printable to help you make your mark of important events on you very own wooden timekeeper.

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Scout’s Mindful Moment…

Trees are an important part of our world. Lucky for us they live for many years helping keep our air clean and our ecosystem healthy. Can you pretend to be like a tree? Stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Stretch your arms up to the sky like branches & breathe deeply.

- Scout

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