When you are out exploring in nature, it’s exciting to be aware of all that is around you and to notice the smallest details, even when you are observing something very large.  

What does the bark of a giant tree feel like?
How does the sound of the river change when it goes over rocks?

Sometimes to understand something new, we need to observe with all of our senses. Nature can be wonderfully surprising. Trees, rivers and animals have a lot to teach us.

Scout and the Gumboot Kids learned that we can experience a connection with animals when we take the time to learn more about them in the Case of the Velvet Nose.

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It’s a dream come true,
to have a best friend like you.
It’s always easy peasy,
when it’s just you and me.
Look at me and my pony, 
my pony and me, 
being best buddies 
me and my pony.

— by Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell’s songs here . 

Let’s use natural materials to explore and understand ponies in this nature craft. CLICK HERE for a printable pony to colour and decorate with evergreen branches or other materials found on your next nature walk. Let your imagination soar!

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Scout’s Mindful Moment…

When spending time with ponies, it’s important to be aware of their needs. 
Consider what they might be feeling. Approach them with kindness and care. 
Learn to feed them properly so you don’t get hurt.

- Scout

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