When you are out exploring nature, take the time to look very closely at everything around you. Sometimes when you look at something quickly, you can miss some of its very special details. Even if you have seen something many times before, when you take a minute to look again with fresh eyes, you can find surprising new things that you may have missed! This happened to the Gumboot Kids as they solved The Case of The See-Through Stone.

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I love
treasure hunting, 
for treasures
all around.
I love
treasure hunting, 
do you want to
join me?


Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell's songs here . 

Isn't it wonderful to see things in a new way & to explore how they make us feel! Colours can be a new way to express our feelings. Yellow can mean happy, blue can mean calm, purple could mean thoughtful, red might mean angry or passionate... it's really up to you.  CLICK HERE to download a free printable with all the instructions to show how your heart is feeling through a nature craft. 

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Scout's Mindful Moment...

Gemstones can be found in every colour of the rainbow. Did you know colour can change how we feel? We can also use colour to express our feelings.
What colour represents how you feel right now?

- Scout