Nature is a wonderful artist. On our walks we can see all sorts of beautiful textures and colours. Next time you are on a nature walk, take a moment to explore with your hands. Touch the trees, feel the bark and moss. What textures do you notice?

Let's explore the wonderful textures of nature with Scout as he solves The Case of the Soft Rock.

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Outside there are leafy green trees,
Outside you can feel a soft breeze,
Outside the sky is big & blue,
Outside, outside it’s all waiting for you.

Outside by Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell's songs here . 

Let's use the wonderful textures of nature to make our own paintbrushes. On your next nature walk, collect some small sticks and some moss, pine, fir or hemlock branches, or ferns to use as the bristles for you brush. We can use these paintbrushes to create images of all that we love about the forest and being outside. Let your imagination soar! 

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Scout's Mindful Moment...

Nature is full of so many marvelous textures - smooth & soft, hard and prickly, rough and tickly. The next time you are in the forest use your hands and carefully touch all the different textures.

- Scout