A farm is a wonderful place to explore. Most of the healthy and nutritious food that helps your body grow comes from farms. And you can also find animals in all sorts of shapes and sizes on a farm, from the smallest chicks to large horses. When meeting a farm animal, be sure to give the animal space, and think about how they would like to be approached. Just like you can be shy sometimes, animals can be nervous when they have new visitors. If we take the time to consider another’s feelings, we might make a new friend. Let’s join Scout & the Gumboot Kids as they solve The Case of The Four Legged Kid.

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You’re my four
legged friend.
You’re a goat it’s true.
If I could I’d spend
all day with you.

by Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell’s songs here . 

Did you know that the names of many baby animals are different from their parents? Can you match up the babies with their mothers?  CLICK HERE for a printable to bring mom & baby back together.  

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Scout’s Mindful Moment…

Next time you are with a baby animal: a chick, a kitten, or a kid; slow down and observe her closely. What does her fur feel like? Is she shy or friendly? 
Baby animals are fun to be around but remember to be gentle.

- Scout

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