Sometimes it's nice to find a quiet spot to sit and observe nature. A field or a meadow is full of activity. Bees and other pollinators are hard at work collecting nectar from the flowers. Have you ever wondered what bees do with all nectar that they collect from the flowers?  Let's join Scout & the Gumboot Kids as they solve The Case of The Buzzing Sweet Makers.

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Who makes the flowers grow?
Who makes the honey sweet?
Who makes the nectar flow?
Who makes the honeycomb?
Who makes the world beautiful 
Who makes the flowers bloom?

— Bees by Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell's songs here . 

You can help the bees and other pollinators in your neighbourhood by creating a safe and relaxing place for them to have a drink at your very own Bee Bath. CLICK HERE to download the free printable with all the instructions. 

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Scout's Mindful Moment...

Did you know bees not only make honey, they help plants, fruit and flowers grow. We can be thankful and show our gratitude by respecting their habitat so they can be busy bees!

- Scout