After a winter of cold & snow, it's wonderful to see the plants waking up from their long sleep. Everyday they grow a little more just like you! Each new plant is a natural marvel and a real treasure. Let's join Scout & the Gumboot Kids as they solve The Case of The Buried Treasure.

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I love tulips
cause they make me happy,

I love tulips yes I do!
Every spring I have a favourite colour,
This year mine is yellow,
how about you?

Splendid tulips in a mason jar,
dancing tulips in a field on a farm,
one tall tulip on a window sill.
They are all signs that spring has sprung.
And happiness is all around us

I Love Tulips by Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to Jessie Farrell's songs here . 

You can bring the joy of spring into your home by painting a colourful flower picture from your observations of nature. CLICK HERE to download thttps://gumbootkidstv.squarespace.com/s/april-printable-flowers.pdfhe free printable to get you started. Let the natural energy of spring guide your imagination!  

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Scout's Mindful Moment...

Next time you are outside, bring your paints and some paper. Get comfortable and look closely at the flowers. Notice the colours and the shapes. Take your time to paint a picture of what you see. Tuck this away in your field notes as a record of what you observed. 

- Scout